On Demand Workshop: Decoding Book Publicity
PR with Lilian Sue

What's Holding You Back from Seeking PR for Your Book?
Learn how to develop a successful PR strategy that will position you as a global industry leader, step by step!

Maximize Your Chances to Raise Brand Awareness & Build a Reputation as Successful Author by Learning How to Make PR Work for You!

  PR doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming or cost thousands of dollars if you have the right mindset, knowledge & tools to build a customized campaign tailored to your book & your author brand.

Learn how to: 

Develop a healthy & strong PR mindset by setting the right goals and creating mantras that will help you move past mindset blocks (we’ll also cover how those can help bust common PR myths) 

How to properly position your brand & your book to stand out

Build a comprehensive PR strategy that will help you achieve your goals and incorporate key milestones & holidays.

Discover some of the tools that will help you find the right media at the right time

This is a POWER PACKED workshop.

You'll get the slide deck to go through again and again, plus some worksheets to help you through.

Lilian Sue is in the storytelling and relationship building business. She takes your stories and translates them into copy that converts to sales, strikes a chord with audiences and constantly raises expectations. You can consistently expand your business and gain loyal customers, online and offline. She became a copywriter because as a long time creative writer, she knows that smart, engaging content is content that piques your audience’s curiosity, makes them fall in love and fulfills their needs. Creating compelling copy is about focusing on your audience. She became a publicist and social media strategist because creating copy that converts means that you have to first understand where your audiences are, how they communicate and what they value. As both a publicist and social media strategist, she builds relationships with media, influencers and brand advocates worldwide, creating engaging content that audiences love. Whether you need a copywriter who can collaborate with teams to increase sales, a publicist who can attract investor attention or a social media strategist who can build fan bases & raise awareness, Lilian is here to help!

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