Editorial Reviews vs. Peer Reviews

Grow your credibility & enhance your marketing with editorial reviews!

Editorial reviews, which are not the same as blurbs, endorsements, or peer reviews, can be an important part of growing both your credibility and your platform as an author. 

It can be overwhelming to figure out how to find them, apply for them, and know what to do with them to most benefit from them once you've got them. In addition to teaching these points, Alexa will use several case studies to show the power of editorial reviews.

During this workshop Alexa Bigwarfe, will teach you:

What are editorial reviews and why do you need them? 

What difference can they make? 

Where do you get them? How do you find the right places for your book to be reviewed? 

How do you get them? 

When is the timeline for applying for them? 

What do you need to budget for them? 

How do you pitch them? 

What sites can help you facilitate the process? 

Untraditional editorial reviews - using journalists to promote your book 

Beyond the editorial review - what do you do with them once you have them, and what are some other outside of the box ways to use them?

and more!

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be ready to move forward with getting your editorial reviews. You'll know exactly what to do to get started. 

Don't let any more time go by before you take advantage of this valuable marketing tool. 

Ready to get started?

This is a 90-minute workshop, including a Q&A.
Transcript provided.
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