Book Launch in a Box
WE BEGIN 6/5/23

You Finished Your Book, Now Discover the Secret to Selling It!

You've seen the big book launches and maybe you're asking yourself,  how do I do a big launch like that?!
The answer is simple: 
you need a plan, a strategy, and a map of exactly what you need to do, where, when, and how. 
Today's your lucky day, because I'm going to hand it to you, in a neat little package.

Who's this for?

Any author struggling to know what to do for marketing your book, how to prepare for your upcoming book launch (or how to re-invigorate a book that isn't selling well), and especially for those who want to have a plan laid out for you and aren't ready or able to invest in hiring a whole team to do it.

What will you achieve?

By the end of this program (or by the time you finish completing the tasks) you will know (or have the knowledge base to create):

A clear understanding of the marketing timeline and strategies to implement all stages

Tools for properly positioning your book so that it's appealing to readers and retailers

A plan of action for finding reviewers and the tools and resources to grow your launch team

The tools you need to get the best editorial reviews, plus the places to submit and timeline to do so

Template to create of a full email sequence, ready to go for your advance readers

Template to create of a full evergreen email sequence, ready to go for new subscribers

A plan for using your social media to grow your email list

A working description / blurb of your book, ready for your sales page and Amazon

Visibility tools and a plan of action for increasing your presence online and in person

A media kit to help you pitch podcasts and events

An email list that is growing and your plan for adding new subscribers

Knowledge on ads, promos, and the basics for getting started 

SUPER BONUS: Free access to Book Launch in a Box (the basics!) $197 value - to help you get started in growing your author platform

Book Launch in a Box is a packed full of excellent information. What I loved about it was the opportunities to ask questions and get answers. Alexa and her team have the ability of connecting you not only to the information but to other authors. Being able to network has been the priceless part of BLAB. 

Ann Van Hine 
Author,  Pieces Falling: Navigating 9/11 with Faith, Family and the FDNY

I signed up for the Book Launch in a Box program because I'm committed to finishing a memoir that I started five years ago but couldn't quite seem to pull over the finish line. Alexa inspired me to join after I followed her Women in Publishing online conference and was amazed by the number of useful workshops, compelling speakers, and exceptional tools provided to the attendees. Book Launch in a Box is even more useful. I'm working full time and need a program I can work on in my spare time to put together this essential part of my publishing program - getting my forthcoming memoir out to readers! From setting up contact lists to using social media, I found new ways to reach my audience and let them know what's coming. The price is a steal for all that's provided, and Alexa is committed to helping her participants every step of the way. I love Book Launch in a Box and hope you will be inspired to join the program, too!

Suzanne E. Boldt. PhD

Book Launch in a Box was a perfect course to hone in on my target reader, discuss and plan marketing strategies, and prepare for a successful book launch. With the guidance and support of the team, I was able to set manageable goals, such as growing my email list and instagram account with meaningful followers. My favorite part was connecting with, and supporting other authors. I highly recommend Book Launch in a Box.

Christina Dankert
Author, The Kindness Machine 

Here's What You'll Learn:

The ENTIRE Advanced Book Launch Process, from Nuts to Bolts

We're teaching you the 

Signature Launch Process we charge $5,000 - $10,000 to do for clients!

But we're not just teaching it... we're walking you through the entire process to implement.

For a FRACTION of the cost

THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER LEVEL PROGRAM. But we'll be here to walk you through all the steps and answer your questions!

Here's What You Get:

12 week course with 6 Key Modules:

Module 1: Positioning your book to sell

Module 2: Finding Readers - how to get your book reviewed 

Module 3: Creating Buzz - beyond the readers - for Retailers, Librarians, etc

Module 4: Blurbs, descriptions, & messaging for your target reader

Module 5: Growing your email list; tools, tactics, and support

Module 6: Expanding Your Reach! Beyond the launch visibility, ads, promos, and more!

Templates, worksheets, hands on support - live support

Guest experts on topics like visibility, social media, etc

Co-working and Q&A Sessions in the week following the teaching module 

Email Sequence Template for Advanced Readers + session to write together & feedback on your sequences {BONUS}

Special Q&A sessions with our team of experts {BONUS!}

Our researched list of Editorial Review Sites {BONUS}

Private Facebook Community with additional access to our team

SUPER BONUS: Free access to Book Launch in a Box (the basics!) $197 value - to help you get started in growing your author platform

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I've had such a great experience working with you and the team. The help with Tailwind and IG marketing alone has been worth the price of admission. I've already hit all my goals that I set at the beginning of the course - and I've SMASHED the ARC goal with only one post on FB and IG each about signing up for my ARC with my book description.

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